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Dolphins Handbook

Welcome to the Dolphins!

Welcome to the Lake Forest II Dolphins Swim Club!  We are glad you chose to be part of the team and we will do our best to make the experience enjoyable for your entire family. This swimmer’s handbook will help familiarize you with the Dolphins and assist you with important dates and locations throughout the entire season.

Should you have any questions, please contact any of the board members, listed below, at any time. We will be happy to answer any of your questions or discuss your comments by phone or email. You can also find us on Facebook! Become a fan today!


2017 Dolphin Booster Club Organizers

Head Coach:

Kaitlin Sandeno-[email protected]


PresidentLaura Magwood, [email protected]

Vice President – Evan Taylor, [email protected]
Secretary -Katie Runella, [email protected]
Treasurer - Eric Smith, [email protected]
Scoring Director – Rebekah Ainsworth, [email protected]
Social Directors –Shelley Willard, [email protected]
Meet Coordinator – Andrew Priest, [email protected]
Registrar - Alex Fishburn, [email protected]


Sponsorship – Samantha Fitt, [email protected]
Communications - Alex Fishburn, [email protected]
Clothing Coordinator – Thorey Bauer, [email protected]
Ribbons - Deana Busch, [email protected]
Trophies - Cezanne Williams, [email protected]
Records Keeper - Jennifer Fragassi, [email protected]
Historian – OPEN, [email protected]
Advisor - Rob Thomas, [email protected]


About Your Coach


Head Coach – Kaitlin Sandeno

The Role of the Coaches - The Dolphins Swim Team involves over 200 children. As Head Coach, I hire, train and manage the coaching staff, organize and design practices, and prepare for swim meets. In order to maintain safety and provide quality coaching, we have Head-Assistant Coaches that are assigned to the various swim groups, as well as assistant and junior assistant coaches that provide additional guidance for the younger swimmers. The Head-Assistant Coaches will be involved with constructing the meet line-ups. Most of the coaches are current or past Dolphins or have experience in other swim programs. Coaches are hired for their strong stroke work, good teaching ability, and most of all, the love of working with children. However, coaches can not supervise swimmers left unattended at the facility.

The Structure of Practices - Practices will be designed to develop stamina, teach proper stroke technique in all four strokes, and improve the dive, flip-turn and stroke finish. The swimmers will be divided into lanes according to ability, and that will change throughout the season depending on the activity of the day and the swimmers improvement in that activity. The practices will change from day to day and week to week in order to make the program interesting for the swimmers and challenge their ability in all areas.

Swim Meets - Since we are a team that will be focusing on stroke work, there will be no specializing in strokes. My goal is to have every swimmer on the team doing every stroke legally and efficiently. I understand that swimmers will have favorite strokes and in the swim meets some swimmers may swim some strokes more often, but I will try to get every swimmer in every event for their age group by the end of the season. The assistant coaches will be assigned to different age groups during the meets and will be responsible for organizing and coaching the swimmers at the starting blocks. As Head Coach, I will be on the side of the pool watching the swimmers and evaluating what to work on in the following week. Parents and older swimmers must be responsible for getting to the proper lanes on time for their races.

Discipline- From a discipline standpoint we as coaches have to walk a fine line. We want the swimmers to enjoy themselves, however if they are a distraction to the practice we will pull them out and talk to them privately. If the swimmer continues to be a distraction, the coaches will remove the swimmer from practice.

Communication - It is very important that the coaching staff know if a swimmer will not be attending a swim meet. Log into your SwimTopia account and declare your swimmer as early as possible. Please do this as early in each week as possible. Simply telling the coaches during a practice is not sufficient. Although, you can email me at any time, the best method will be your SwimTopia account. This eliminates last minute changes and could give other swimmers more opportunities to swim. Misunderstandings sometimes occur and it is best if the disagreement, dissatisfaction, comment, question, or suggestion be addressed to me as Head Coach. During the practices and meets, the coaches must focus on the swimmers so I ask that you contact me via email/phone or after the practices. Any comments may also be directed to the Swim Board President or any board member. Constructive communication will only make our program better.


Dolphins History & Philosophy

 The Dolphins Swim Club is one of the largest viable organizations at the Lake Forest II Sun & Sail Club.  The team was established in 1984 and became a part of the South Coast Swim Conference in 1988.  League membership provides swimmers with better competition and a more organized meet structure. Any resident of Lake Forest II, between the ages of 5 and 18, is eligible for membership.  The parent/guardian automatically becomes a member of the Lake Forest II Dolphin Swim Club, a non-profit corporation.

The Dolphins swim season runs April to July, with dual meets beginning in early June. The team website ( also contains updated information. Team news can also be found in the Club's Mainsheet, the official newsletter of the Lake Forest II Master Homeowners' Association. We are also on Facebook. The goal of the Dolphins Swim Club is to provide children with a fun, enjoyable introduction to the sport of competitive swimming, and promote the benefits of the sport throughout the Lake Forest II Community. Dolphin parents and coaches believe all of our swimmers are winners.  We focus on individual success through stroke development and good old hard work!  As the team develops a healthy competitiveness, we never lose sight of the word FUN!

General Rules

1.  ALL swimmers must show their Club Membership Card at the front desk prior to entering the property.  “Out-of-Area” club cards are only valid during the swim season and only for Dolphins events.

2.  Swimmers under 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to be on Club property.  

3.  Train hard with a good attitude.

4.   Pay attention to stroke instruction, drills and other coaching tips.

5.   Do not talk while the coaches are talking or while training.

6.   Make as many practices as possible.

7.   Do not run on the pool deck.

8.   Do not leave trash around the pool that others must pick up. Help keep the restrooms clean. 

9.   Do not horseplay or mess around in or out of the pool. The “kiddy pool” and family pool and spa are off limits during meets.

10. Do not interfere with any other swimmer's workout.

11. Treat your coaching staff, team members, parent volunteers, and Club Staff with respect. 

12. Respect the sport of swimming and all of your competitors.  Remember, they are training to improve just as you are.  They are not the enemy, only the competition.  Without healthy competition, you would not have the desire to go faster!

13. Swimmers are expected to arrive at workouts and meets before the specified time with all gear (team suits, caps, goggles, towels, T-shirts, sweats, waterproof sunscreen, etc.) and to be prepared to listen to the coaches.

14. Warm-ups begin one hour before swim meets.  Please allow sufficient drive time to get your swimmer to the pool because it's vital he/she warms up to avoid injury to "cold" muscles.  Maps to away meets are included on the website.

15. Absences – Please confirm your attendance at meets on the team’s website. 

16. Siblings and other small children must be supervised by parents or guardians. 




All About Meets

For all home meets are held at LF II facilities, please enter the side gate and not through the clubhouse building during the morning.

What to do before the meet begins? - Parent volunteer workers who are scheduled to work are to check in with their team leader at the sign-in table.  If a parent is scheduled to work that day, the child/children may not be permitted to swim until the parent has reported in for their job assignment. Swimmers are to check in with the arm-markers and receive their swimmer number.  Your swimmers should have their arms marked prior to the application of sunscreen.  Every meet we have swimmers who are not credited for their swims because their number washed off after being written on top of sunscreen.  Please don't let that happen to your children. It is critical that you check in so that the coaches know if you are present and available for your races.

After check-in, parents and swimmers should look at the meet roster posted near the pool and check the swimmer's events, lane and heat numbers.  It's helpful to write this information on the child's palm and record it for your information. Warm ups will begin about 1 hour before the meet is scheduled to begin. Please arrive in time for your swimmer to warm up.  


Intra-squad Meet This is the first meet of the year and all participants swim all four strokes to establish their base line times. This meet does qualify towards eligibility for Relay and Finals. Time is taken at this meet to train all parent volunteers.

Dual Meet Format- All dual meets have 82 events with workers changing from 1st half to 2nd half at the beginning of butterfly, event #37. Listen to the PA announcer and watch the scoreboard to check the event number. The first event is the medley relay; then the individual events follow.  Freestyle comes first, then breast, fly, back and the Individual Medley (IM).  The freestyle relays are last.  In each of these seven subdivisions, the youngest swimmers go first.  This procedure gives plenty of time for rest before swimming again.  All swimmers are eligible to swim in all dual meets.  Every attempt is made to maximize the number of events a swimmer participates in at each dual meet.

Individual Heats - If there are more than three Dolphins swimming an individual event, it will be split into two or more heats.  Heats are either official or unofficial.  Official is designated 1, and unofficial are letters 2,3,4 etc. The official heat 1 will be first.   The only difference in the heats is that the official heat counts for team points. All heats are important because they are good experience for the child. The coach will frequently assign a child to an unofficial heat in a stroke he/she does not normally swim in order to give the child a chance to improve. Children, especially the younger ones, don't perceive any stigma in swimming an unofficial heat.  Parents are encouraged not to say anything about team points and unofficial heats unless the child specifically asks about them.

Relay Events- There are two kinds of relay events; medley and freestyle.  In each relay, teams of four swimmers compete with each person swimming the appropriate number of laps.  In the medley relay, each swimmer has a different stroke, back, breast, fly, free.  In the freestyle relay, all swimmers perform freestyle. DO NOT LET YOUR TEAM MATES DOWN! If you are not in your lane ready to participate, the other three members of the relay team cannot swim, and may lose eligibility for League events later in the season!  PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE of the rest of the relay team and get to your lane in plenty of time. If a swimmer must leave a meet early and cannot participate in an assigned race, please notify the coaches immediately so another swimmer can take your place.

Dual Meet Scoring– Score is kept to determine which team wins the dual meet. The league rules state that only four official lanes (two per team) may earn points toward the team score.  (This is to accommodate the smaller teams in the league and those with only a four lane pool.) However, if both coaches agree in the week prior, all six official lanes may be counted toward the final score. Following is the point schedule awarded in each case.


1st place = 7points,   2nd place = 4,   3rd place = 3,   4th place = 2


1st place = 7points,   2nd place = 4,   3rd place = 3,   4th place = 2,   5th place = 1

POINTS FOR RELAYS (same for 4 or 6 lanes):1st place = 9points, 2nd place = 4, 3rd place = 2


All six official swimmers receive a ribbon with their finish place and time printed on the back. At our home meets, the swimmer who wins in an un-official heat, will receive a light blue "Heat Winner" ribbon, and all other swimmers at our home meets will receive participant ribbons with the finish place and time printed on the back.  Ribbons awarded are determined by the home team.

Swim Times – Meet results and times will be able during most season dual meets utilizing the Meet Mobile application on iPhone and Android phones.  Following each meet, the results will be uploaded into our on-line system, and your swimmer’s times will be available through the SwimTopia system.  You will have access only to your child’s times, and not all meet results.  Those who have a desire to strive to a more competitive level, can compare their swim times against the posted Dolphins Records, as well as those records established at and As the team develops a healthy competitiveness in the league, we never lose sight of the word FUN! We strive to provide social and swim activities that promote the "family and friends swimming together" atmosphere.

Ribbons - Your child’s ribbons will be placed in your family “file” during the week following the meet. Family files are stored in the Swim Team office, and will be available during most practice sessions on the pool deck.  Ribbons and medals from Relays and Finals will be available later that afternoon at a location announced during the week before the event.  If you feel an error was made regarding a ribbon or medal award, please notify the Ribbon Team Leader as soon after the event as possible.  The Ribbon Team Leader is much better suited to sorting these issues out than the coaching staff.

Record Breakers – The Dolphins Swim Team maintains a list of the fastest swims for each event within the Dolphins Membership. These records are posted on the website. Special ribbons are awards to those that break existing Dolphins records. We make every effort to review each meet for record breakers. If you feel that your child has broken a record, please contact the director of scoring. League records are also maintained and it is quite exciting when a Dolphins breaks a league record.


LEAGUE EVENTS - There are two league events that take place at a large aquatic facility that has ample room for all the teams in the league, Relay Finals and League Finals. Not all swimmers will participate in Finals.  The coaches make the final decision on swimmers and relay teams based on swimmer eligibility, as well as the swimmer's performance during practices and dual meets. Every attempt is made to include as many swimmers as possible in the event.


Relay Finals occur early in July and consists of 60 official events consisting exclusively of relays.  There may also be a number of unofficial and mixed (co-ed) events as well.  In order to meet the League eligibility requirement for Relay Finals, a swimmer must have participated in at least two (2) events in each of two (2) dual meets, (4 swims). The intra-squad meet does count towards eligibility.


League Finals -  There are the standard 82 official events as there are in a dual meet, but there will be 3 official heats per individual event.  Relay events will only have an official event. There may also be a number of unofficial or exhibition swims. In order to meet the League eligibility requirement for League Finals, a swimmer must have participated in at least two (2) events in each of four (4) dual meets, (8 swims), including one meet before relays. The intra-squad meet does count towards eligibility. Participating in Relay Finals does not count as a meet for eligibility qualification purposes for swimmers age 14 and under but do count for ages 15-18.


League Event Scoring – Scoring is based on the number of teams in the conference at the time of the event.  Points are doubled for Relay Events at League Finals. For example, with 6 teams:



1st place = 14points,   2nd place = 10,   3rd place = 8,   4th place = 6,   5th place =4,   6th place = 2


1st place = 13points, 2nd = 11, 3rd = 10, 4th = 9, 5th =8, 6th = 7, 7th=6, 8th=5, 9th=4, 10th=3, 11th=2, 12th=1


Disqualified Swims (DQ’s)

One of the most disheartening things is to have a child's swim disqualified at a meet. It's not at all uncommon to see a first place finish not count because the child DQed. Young and new swimmers are particularly vulnerable to DQs. If a DQ happens, explain to your child that everybody DQs every once in a while.  A DQ does not mean your child is a poor swimmer, a terrible person, or not trying!   Sometimes, however, a DQ can mean your child is not paying attention to what he/she is doing. The parents' attitude regarding DQs should be positive and supportive rather than critical (Leave the corrections to the coaches.) At a meet, the judge will mark a DQ slip which will be given to the scoring room. Sometimes, not always, the DQ Infraction Code will also be written down, i.e. the reason for the DQ. If your child DQs, let the coach know before the next practice and ask the coach to try to go over with him/her the correction. Your child's time and infraction code may be printed on the ribbon with the words "exhibition". The following page lists the officials' codes that can result in a DQ.

Cheering - Cheering the Dolphins on is definitely one of the reasons to attend meets.  Please, however, cheer from the sides of the pool only.  Keep yourself and your children away from the ends of the pool, even if they're not roped off.  Cheering fans can get in the way of timers and other workers at the business end of the pool resulting in missed or incorrect times.  Frequently, swimmers have to forfeit their events because they can't get to the starting block in time because fans were in the way.  Don't let this happen to your child!

After all Meets - Please pick up the trash around where you are sitting and make sure you have all your swim gear, towels, etc.  If it is a home meet, your assistance will be needed in putting away the things we use as host team.  We have a special "set up and take down" team but they can always use an extra hand!  (...And any help is appreciated).

Swimming Infraction Codes



1a  Kick: Not simultaneous, alternating motion

1b Kick: Breaststroke type, feet turned out

1c  Kick: Scissors type

1d  Arms: Underwater recovery

1e  Arms: Not Simultaneous

1f   Turn, finish: One or no hand touch

1g  Turn, finish: Touch not simultaneous

1h Shoulders: Not horizontal on breast, first arm stroke, during swim

1i   Shoulders: Not toward breast in or out of turn

1j   15 meter (16.4 yard) violation


2a  Kick: Not simultaneous, alternating motion

2b  Kick: Feet not turned out

2c  Kick: Scissors type

2d  Kick: Vertical butterfly type

2e  Arms: Not Simultaneous

2f   Turn, finish: One or no hand touch

2g  Turn, finish: Touch not simultaneous

2h Shoulders: Not toward breast in or out of turn, first arm stroke, during swim

2i   Hands: Past hipline after first pull

2j   Hands: Not pushed forward from breast

2k  Elbows: Not in water

2l   Head under: 2 or more strokes under water

2m Stroke cycle out of order: Other than one arm pull followed by one kick

2n Sculling: (NCAA & HS only)


3a  Turn: Not continuous

3b  Turn: Glide before or after pull (USS only)

3c  Turn: More than one pull

3d  Not on back: Off turn, swim, finish

3e  No touch: Turn #____

3f   Start: Feet in gutter prior, during, after (not HS)

3g  15 meter (16.4) violation

3h Not at surface after 15 meters or at finish

3i   Initiate turn before flags (NCAA & HS only)





4a  No touch: turn #____

4b  15 meter (16.4 yard) violation

Individual Medley

5a   Stroke infraction: code #____

5b   Strokes: Out of order




6a   Early take-off: Swimmer #___

6b   Stroke Infraction: Code #_____

6c   Swimmer out of order: Swimmer #____

6d   Fail to exit immediately: Swimmer #__

6e   Fail to exit appropriate lane: Swimmer #

6f    Re-enter before race is over: Swimmer #

6g   Not enough swimmers: Missing swimmer #

6h   Medley relay: Strokes out of order

6i   Medley relay: 4th or repeat one of the first 3


7a   Early take off: False start

7b   Intentional delay: False start/decline to start

7c   Entered water without permission: when

7d   Interfered with another swimmer

7e   Walking on, or springing from the bottom

7f    Pulling on the lane line

7g   Finish race in another lane

7h   Fail to complete distance

7i    Other: Describe





Information for Swimmers

Swimming is a physically challenging sport and takes dedication and lots of practice to become really good. When you first start going to workouts, many swimmers will notice sore muscles that they didn’t know they had! At the start of the season, they require more sleep than usual while getting into shape. Swim workouts are great exercise and burn a lot of calories, so you may also be hungrier and need to eat more to keep up your strength. Eat normal and healthy foods before competitions and practices. Do not stuff yourself before meets. Try to avoid “junk food” and stay well hydrated with water and fruit juices. AVOID carbonated beverages until after the swim meet.


Swimmer’s EarSwimmer’s ear can be very painful and some swimmers are prone to getting infections in the ear canals. It is caused by having water in the ear canal, which does not dry out thoroughly. The acid balance in the canal gets disrupted and allows bacteria to grow. Drying solutions are available at most drugstores so ask the pharmacist. Place several drops in each ear after each workout or beach trip. When using these preventative eardrops, it’s vital that the eardrum not be injured. If you have any doubt about the health of your swimmer’s eardrum, have it checked by your doctor.




Parent Volunteer Requirement

Parent volunteer job and committee assignments are required for team membership. There are several categories of jobs, (see detailed job list below).  Some are "table jobs", such as computer input and ribbon stickers.  Most are "deck jobs" such as timers, lane writers, and runners.  EACH FAMILY IS REQUIRED TO ASSIST IN SOME WAY AT MEETS.  Generally, you will do the same job all season with each family working four to six times. You may be asked to perform a different job during Relay Finals and League Finals.  One family member will also be required to assist on a committee job apart from the swim meet.

If you cannot attend a meet that you are scheduled to work, please call one of the other people on your team and arrange for an alternate, and please call your team leader to let them know you will be absent and the name of the alternate. This is critical for our meets to run smoothly.


Job Descriptions

Timer - Volunteer will be assigned to a lane to time swimmer’s events with a stopwatch and relay information to the Lane Writer. Volunteer will work first half or second half of assigned meets.

Lane Writer -Volunteer will be assigned to a lane and record information onto lane slips, given by the Timers. Volunteer will work first half or second half of assigned meets.

Ribbons - Volunteer will be given pre-printed labels and ribbons at the conclusion of the meet. These labels must be placed on ribbons and filed in children's folder by Tuesday the following week.

Set-up & Take-Down - Volunteers must arrive at the pool NO LATER than 6:30 am to assist in setting up equipment for the meet. The Volunteers stay for approximately 30 to 60 minutes after each home meet and assists in storing equipment and clean-up. Home meets only.

Runner - Volunteer is responsible for picking up the lane slips after each event and turning them in to the computer room. Volunteer will work first half or second half of assigned meets. Home meets only.

Scoring - Volunteers will be stationed in the Teen Center during each home meet and will input swimmer's times into computers. Volunteer will work first half or second half of assigned meets.

Concessions - Volunteers assist in setting up our Dolphin Diner, preparing and selling food, and cleaning up at the conclusion of the meets.  Home meets only.

Medals & Trophies - Volunteer are in charge of ordering the trophies and medals and organizing them prior to the Awards Banquet.

Deck Monitor - Monitor the pool deck and the immediate surrounding areas for any conduct that is unsafe or against policy, such as horseplay, running on the deck, Dolphins’ swimmers in the baby and family pools, etc. 


Committee Assignments

Welcome Back Social: Team parents bring food to share on the first day of practice and we need Team parents to serve throughout your child’s practice time. Parents will assist in decorating, setting up, and will be needed for cleanup after the event. 

Pasta Potluck Dinner - Volunteers are needed to help make posters to advertise, help organize the food that is brought, set-up/clean-up.

4th of July Parade - Help decorate float, get supplies (flags, bubble blowers, etc.) and organize participants in the parade. 

Family Fun Night - This is the big bash of the season. We need people to decorate, set-up and clean-up, serve food, sell tickets, make posters and chores required for throwing a team party.

Coaches Day/Ice Cream Social - Volunteers help run and organize a fun day for our coaches.  Families bring snacks and ice cream toppings to share. We serve ice cream to the kids after their practice is over. The kids bring in their favorite toppings to share, ice cream supplied.

Awards Banquet - Volunteers are to help set-up, clean-up and organize the food that is brought and purchased. 



We, the Lake Forest II Dolphins Booster Club have implemented the following Code of Conduct in order to maintain a safe and structured environment which is conducive to achieving the objectives of the swim team organization and for the important message it holds about the proper role of parents in supporting their child/children on the swim team. 

Parents should read, understand and sign this form prior to their child/children participating in our league.

All swim team participants, family members, officials and staff are expected to abide by this code.

Any persons guilty of improper conduct at any meet or practice will be asked to leave the facility and be suspended from the following meet.  Repeat violations may cause a multiple meet suspension, or the season forfeiture of the privilege of attending all meets.



The essential elements of character-building and ethics in our swim league are embodied in the concept of sportsmanship and six core principles:

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Respect
  3. Responsibility
  4. Fairness
  5. Caring, and
  6. Good Citizenship

The highest potential of a team is achieved when competition reflects these “six pillars of character”.


I therefore agree: 

  1. I will remember that children participate to have fun and that the meet is for youth, not adults.
  2. The coaching staff is responsible for enforcing the rules of safety and discipline, and will have the full support of the swim team Board and parents.  The coach will be required to notify the Board of Directors, in a timely manner, of all disciplinary actions taken.  It is recommended that this occur through the regular meetings with the Coaches’ Representative except otherwise noted.
  3. Parents and spectators will not be allowed to enter the Lake Forest Sun and Sail Club before 7:00 am on the day of a meet, unless they are scheduled to work setup that day.
  4. If a parent is scheduled to work the day of a meet the parent must check in for their assigned job before their child can check in.
  5. All pool regulations in effect during normal pool hours are to be honored during swim team activities.  Out-of-Area families are prohibited from the weight room and should only be at the club during their child/rens practices.
  6. Any child that swims in the 5/6 or 7/8 age group must have a parent or guardian on the pool deck at all times during their scheduled practices. The parents of these age groups are prohibited from being in the gym during their child’s practice time.
  7. Swimmers are expected to comply with the directions of the coaching staff and all requested swimming exercises are considered mandatory. Exceptions will be made at the coach’s discretion for special situations.
  8. Parents and spectators are required to stay clear of the starting block area during each event. This will allow the coaches to organize the swimmers and allow the meets to go smoother and faster. This rule applies to home meets as well as away meets.
  9. It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure their child knows when they are scheduled to swim and need to be in the starting area.
  10. Proper behavior of swimmers is expected at all times.  The Coach will give two reprimands before asking a child to leave practice or a meet.
  11. All Dolphin swimmers are forbidden from using the family pool, baby pool and the Jacuzzi during swim meets. The pool can be utilized once the swim meet is over.
  12. Swimmers are encouraged to attend all practices.  Swimmers are required to attend at least two practices per week, with special exceptions allowed by the Coach.
  13. I will inform the coach via note &/or email of any physical disability or ailment that may affect the safety of my child or the safety of others.
  14. I will inform the Coach via note, email, and pool deck binder if my child cannot attend a swim meet &/or more than three practices a week due to vacation or any other reason.  Participation in the meets is determined by attendance during the previous week, unless otherwise approved by the Coach.
  15. Any swimmer that is scheduled to swim in a relay that has not checked in by 8:00 am will be removed and replaced from this event. There will be no exceptions.
  16. Wearing the current team swimsuit is encouraged for all meets.  If a swimmer opts to wear a different suit at any meet, it needs to be a solid black or navy suit, with no other logo on it.
  17. Any behavior, which poses a safety threat or disrupts a scheduled activity will result in immediate ejection from the facility for that day.  Serious or recurring incidents will results in additional actions.  Enforcement will be reasonable and consistent with the magnitude of the offense.  The general escalation procedure is as follows:
  • The Coach will attempt to avert problems by notifying parents of problematic behavior as it occurs.
  • Isolated incidents will result in ejection from the facility for that day, and notification of the parent.
  • More serious or recurring incidents will result in temporary suspension for the team until a consultation session is held between the Coach and the parent or guardian.  Reinstatement will occur immediately after the consultation.  The Coach will notify the Board immediately after issuing a temporary suspension.
  • The coaching staff may elect to deny a swimmer the right to participate in the upcoming meet for serious offenses.  The parent and the Board will be notified immediately of this action.
  • Additional incidents subsequent to temporary suspension or denial of meet participation will require that a meeting of the Board, the Head Coach and the parent or guardian be held as soon as possible to determine the proper course of action.
  • If none of the above actions remedies the problem, then the Board may vote to expel a participant from the swim team.

18. I will teach my child to swim by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence.

19. I will demand my child/ren treat other swimmers, coaches, officials and spectators with respect regardless of race, creed, color, sex or ability.

20. I will never ridicule or yell at my child or other participants for making a mistake or losing a competition.

21. I will promote the emotional and physical well-being of the athletes ahead of any personal desire I may have for my child/ren to win.

22. I will respect the officials and their authority during swim meets and will never question, discuss, or confront coaches on the deck and I will take time to speak with coaches at an agreed upon time and place.

23. I will refrain from coaching my child or other swimmers during meets and practices, unless I am one of the official coaches of the team or asked to assist by the coaching staff.

24. I (and my guests) will be positive role models for my child/ren and encourage good sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy, demonstrating positive support for all swimmers, coaches, officials and spectators at every meet, practice or other Dolphin event.

25. I (and my guests) will not engage in any kind of un-sportsmanship conduct with any official, coach, swimmer or parent such as booing and taunting; using profane language or gestures.



Lake Forest II Dolphin Swim Team Violation Notice

Please be advised you/your family is in violation of the terms and agreement for membership in the Lake Forest II Dolphin Swim Team.

You have failed to carry out your assigned

____ Meet Job of __________________________ or

------- Committee Job of ______________________ on

Date: ____________________________________.


As per the Registration Terms and Agreement all members were provided with the option of payment in lieu of Meet Job of $300.00 or payment in lieu of Committee Job of $150.00 and #26 in the Code of Conduct  Agreement.  See sections below:

“I further acknowledge and accept that all participating family members will abide by all club rules, parent job assignments (or payment in lieu of service) which are a mandatory requirement for team membership.”

Code of Conduct #26 states:

“I understand the Lake Forest II Dolphin Swim Team is a parent volunteer sponsored team, and therefore, understand the requirement to uphold the job duties/assignments for which I have signed up for and thus agreed to carry out as instructed.  Failure to carry out these tasks will result in a family fine of $100.00 and this fine must be paid prior to my child swimming at the next meet.”



Fine Due: $____________ by date ___________________.

This violation notice has been issued by: _______________________, date _________

and received by parent: __________________________________________________,

swimmer: _______________________________ on date: ___________                                                                  


Directions to Pools


Newport Hills 1900 Port Carlow Place, Newport Beach, CA 92660 (14 miles & 30 minutes)

Take the I-405 N ramp towards Newport Beach.

4.6   miles

Take the CULVER Drive Exit - 5

0.3   miles

Turn Left on CULVER (becomes Bonita Canyon Drive)

2.8   miles


1.7   miles


0.1   miles


0.2   miles


0.4   miles

After Port Stirling, turn RIGHT to stay on Newport Hills Dr. West



0.2   miles



Harbor View 1854 Port Westbourne Place, Newport Beach, CA 92660 (14 miles & 30 minutes)

Take the I-405 N ramp towards Newport Beach.

4.6   miles

Take the CULVER Drive Exit - 5

0.3   miles

Turn Left on CULVER (becomes Bonita Canyon Drive)

2.8   miles


1.7   miles


0.1   miles


0.2   miles


0.2   miles


0.1   miles



Corona Del Mar H.S. 2101 E. Bluff Drive - Corona Del Mar, CA 92660 (15 miles & 25 minutes)

Take the I-405 N towards LONG BEACH

0.26 miles

Merge onto I-405 N.

5.40 miles

Take the JAMBOREE RD exit.

0.30 miles


CDM is on corner of JAMBOREE & E. Bluff/Ford Rd.

3.83 miles



Pacific Sands 8141 Atlanta Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92646 (24 miles & 34 minutes)

Take the I-405 N ramp towards LONG BEACH.


Merge onto I-405 N.

13. miles

Turn RIGHT onto ramp towards EUCLID STREET

0.4 miles

Turn RIGHT (south) onto EUCLID STREET

0.5 miles

Road name changes to ELLIS AVENUE

Turn LEFT (south) onto SR-39 (BEACH BLVD)

3.0 miles

2.5 miles

Turn LEFT (east) onto ATLANTA AVENUE

0.2 miles

Pool is on the corner of ATLANTA & SURFWOOD






Greenbrook 18222 Santa Joanana - Fountain Valley, CA 92708 (20 miles & 30 minutes)

Take the I-405 N ramp towards LONG BEACH.

12.9 miles

Turn RIGHT onto ramp towards Euclid St

0.4   miles

Turn RIGHT (south) onto EUCLID ST

0.5   miles

Road name changes to ELLIS AVENUE

2.0   miles


0.3   miles


0.1   miles


0.1  miles



Green Valley 10824 Los Jardines East, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 (19 miles & 28 minutes)

Take the I-405 N ramp towards LONG BEACH.

13.0 miles

Take the EUCLID ST exit.

0.4  miles

Turn LEFT (north) onto EUCLID ST.

0.7  miles

Turn LEFT (west) onto SLATER AVENUE

0.1 miles

Turn RIGHT (north) onto LOS JARDINES E.

0.4 miles



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