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HOW TO: Declare Your Swimmer

Please make sure you declare your swimmer whether or not they are attending the meet. Declarations must be complete by noon the Wednesday prior to each meet.  

  1. Log in to your Swimtopia account using your email/password
  2. Click on "Schedule" tab
  3. Scroll to the meet you want to declare for
  4. Click GREEN "Meet Entry" button
  5. Click BLUE "edit" button
  6. For each swimmer, select option of "attending" or "not attending" from drop-down box
  7. Select Relay Availability for each swimmer from drop down
    • Available for ALL relays
    • Arriving Late; not available for early relays
    • Leaving early; not available for late relays
    • Not Available for any relays
  8. Add any important notes for the coaches
  9. Click BLUE "SAVE" button
  10. Repeat steps for all open swim meets as early as possible
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Volunteer Job Descriptions

  • SET-UP (HOME MEETS ONLY) Show up at 6:30 a.m. to help put up all equipment (i.e. tarps, computers, lane lines, blocks, tables, chairs, etc.)
  • LANE TIMERS are assigned to a specific lane and times each event; two timers are placed in each opponent lane and one-timer in each LF2 Dolphins lane.
  • LANE WRITERS are assigned to a specific lane and records the name of the swimmer and their times for each event. One for each LF2 Dolphins lane.
  • RUNNERS (HOME MEETS ONLY) pulls the slips from the lane writer and delivers to scoring room.
  • STAGING Line up 5-8 year old swimmers prior to their events and escort them to the correct lane. 
  • CONCESSIONS/DINER (HOME MEETS ONLY) Assist in the preparing and selling of food, including setting up or taking down depending on shift.
  • TEAR-DOWN (HOME MEETS ONLY) Responsible for taking down the equipment and cleaning up at the end of each home meet. Ensure pool and greenbelt areas are free of trash and everything is put away.
  • RIBBONS (AFTER THE MEET) Check stickers for accuracy and affix them to the appropriate ribbon. Ribbons are then placed in the swimmers box by Wednesday after each meet.
  • MEDALS/TROPHIES Order trophies/medals and coaches awards, prepare and organize prior to the Awards Banquet.
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**Dates and Times Subject to Change

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