Virtual Meet vs Pacific Sands

Hi there Dolphins,

I was so proud of all our athletes in the last virtual duel meet against Green Valley. There were so many first time swims, improvements and best times at this event! Your ribbons are in the file boxes next to the swim coach office. Keep in mind that these ribbons are based on the results of the entire meet, Dolphins vs Green Valley. So, if your child was a first place finisher agains all other Dolphins, that does not guarantee they were first place overall. This may take a little explaining by the parents and coaching staff. Let me know if you need any help.

The next meet on our schedule is this weekend vs Pacific Sands. Please go on and declare your intent to swim or decline your child as soon as possible. I will be completing entries by Thursday evening and having a complete head count of who is in and who is not will help me greatly. 

Some notes about swim meets moving forward...

  1. Each child is eligible to swim 3 individual events. In the past, it was always 2 individual and 2 relays OR 3 individual and 1 relay. This year we are not doing relays, league wide, so we will be sticking with 3 individual events per meet.
  2. Team scores from Dolphins and our opponent will be combined and scored. Ribbons will be given out based on combined results.
  3. The meet will be broken into two sessions. One is 11 & over and the other is 10 & under. Starting times TBA. This makes for a very fast meet but I think we are all good with that.
  4. The events chosen for each child are to maximize potential scoring, however, if your child wants to swim a particular event, please feel free to leave a note when declaring and I will try to get them in that event for the meet.
  5. The remaining meets will be officiated and there will be DQ's. This means that if your child does a stroke, turn, start or finish illegally, the meet official will mark it down and the time will not count. 

This has been such an amazing season so far! Thank you all for the continued support and dedication to the team. 

See you out there!


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